Indoor Full Worship Service June 7, 2020

We had a full worship today at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Abilene, TX. Everyone wore masks, no one was permitted to sit within 6-10 feet. Communion was by a small container with grape juice and wafer. Those had to be picked up by each person. Some people wore masks the whole service, but were required if they got within six feet of someone.


Here is the bulletin in download form:20200607_Trinity_Pentecost 2A_(Bulletin) (Pdf)

Full Bulletin:


Trinity Year A, 2020

Sanctuary Worship at 10:55 a.m.



 *CALL TO WORSHIP                                                                   Liturgist, Amy Turner 

      One: Our help is in the name of the Lord,

       All:  maker of heaven and earth. (Psalm 124:8)

      One: We have peace with God through Jesus Christ;

       All:  we have love from God through the Holy Spirit.  (Roman 5:1, 5))

      One:  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;

       All:  the earth is full of the glory of God.  (Isaiah 6:3)

*INTROIT                                            “Seek Ye First” PH 333

*PRAYER OF THE DAY                                       

*OPENING HYMN          “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!”        PH 138

 PRAYER OF CONFESSION                                                      

God of grace, love, and communion, we confess that we have failed to love you with all our heart, soul, and mind; and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We ignore your commandments, stray from your way, and follow other gods. Have mercy on us. Forgive our sin and raise us to new life that we may serve you faithfully and give honor to your holy name .

(Personal and Silent Prayers of Confession.)

*GLORIA PATRI                          

 FIRST READING                         Matthew 28:16-20  N.T. p. 38

One: The inspired Word of the Lord.

All: Thanks be to God


Second Reading             Psalm 8          O. T. p. 492

SERMON                             God’s Creation and Human Dignity”     Rev. Chris Turner *STATEMENT OF FAITH          “The Nicene Creed”  (Ecumenical Version) PH p. 14


RESPONSE                                              “Amen”                                                            




Invitation to the Table of the Lord

   GREAT THANKSGIVING                                                   Rev. Chris Turner

                   Leader:  Remember the Lord Jesus.

                   People:  We remember and are thankful.

                   Leader:  Lift up your hearts.

                   People:  We lift them to the Lord.

                   Leader:  Let us pray.  It is truly right and …

      LORD’S PRAYER                                                   Traditional Version   PH 16




*SENDING HYMN       “For the Bread Which You Have Broken”                 PH 508                               

*CHARGE AND BLESSING                            

*BENEDICTION RESPONSE        Farewell Good Friends        PH 537



Genesis 18:1-15, (21:1-7) and Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19  •  Exodus 19:2-8a and Psalm 100  •  Romans 5:1-8  •  Matthew 9:35-10:8, (9-23) 

The Session and the Westminster Shepherds have decided that we should be praying for the members/friends of our church. Each newsletter and bulletin will have a list of members/friends to pray for each week. These members are not necessarily sick or in need of specific prayer, we just want all of our members to be prayed for regularly.

Prayer Concerns (alphabetical order):

 Prayer Concerns (alphabetical order):

(Please let Pastor Chris know if someone needs added or removed from the prayer list.)

(The list is in bad need of an update. Please contact Pastor Chris to add or remove people from the list.)

• Barbara Backus (health issues).

• Mary Cooke (health issues).

• Jim Halford (health issues).

• Heather Harvey (Rebekah Chenevert’s half sister, general prayers).

• Barbara Hermanson (Mona Rood’s sister) (Health Issues).

• Desa Lee-Laird (health issues). 

• Jim Ohlemacher (health issues).

• Charlie Parham (health issues).

• Polly Porter (health issues).

• Lloyd Presswood and family (Lloyd has Pancreatic Cancer and is in Hendrick Hospice).

• Bill Rood (health issues).

• Farren Sadler (health issues).

• Candace Samuelson (health issues).

  • Marvin Turner (Pastor Chris’ dad) (health issues)
  • The Church and members of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Sunday (June 7th)

10:55  Worship (Inside) (Communion)

1:30 Bible Study by Zoom (Possibly Canceled)

   Tuesday (June 9th)

1:30 Church Health Team Meeting (Zoom)

Sunday (June 14th)

10:55  Worship (Inside) 

12:30  Worship Committee  (Zoom)

1:30 Bible Study  (Zoom) 

To join the work and ministry of this congregation, please speak to the pastor at 325–864–7601 or email 

Westminster Presbyterian Church Website:    

Pastor: Rev. Chris Turner (325) 864–7601 (feel free to call or text) or Liturgist: Amy Turner • Music Director: Dr. Clara Richardson • Organist: Charles Shelton

Some of you have requested information regarding tithing or donating to the Buffalo Gap Encampment (our mission emphasis for June): 

CONTRIBUTIONS and DONATIONS to Westminster, and/or to the Mission Emphasis of Westminster, can be MAILED to (if you are donating to the Buffalo Gap Presbyterian Encampment, please note this in the memo line.    

Westminster Presbyterian Church, 4515 South 14th Street, Abilene, Texas 79605–4736,

or to the Church’s Treasurer

Tim Adcock, Suite 108, 2401 South Willis Street, Abilene, Texas 79605–6254.  

Some of you have requested information regarding tithing or donating to the BUFFAL GAP PRESBYTERIAN ENCAMPMENT (our mission emphasis for JUNE):   


Westminster STILL is collecting ALUMINUM CANS for the



These CANS are sold, and the MONEY raised is used

to help defray the COSTS of running the Encampment 

 and to help  K E E P  it  O P E N .

Just put your SACKS of cans in the HALLWAY 

down from the Church Office.

DONATIONS also can be MADE by making out a CHECK to “Westminster”,

         and writingBUFFALO GAP CAMP” on the MEMO line.   

BGPE IS EXPERIENCING A VERY DIFFICULT FINANCIAL SITUATION.                                                                                

G I V E  your  CANS!   &   S H A R E  your FAITH!   &   S P R E A D  the   GOSPEL!      

The PRESBYTERIAN FOOD Pantry feeds the HUNGRY & so can YOU!

Each and every SUNDAY just put YOUR donations of NON-perishable FOOD items, CASH

money (including SAVED change), and TOILETRY items, in the grocery CART in the Narthex.

DONATIONS also can be MADE by making out a CHECK to “Westminster”,      

and writing FOOD PANTRY on the MEMO line.  

 THANK you for  Y O U R  support of THIS vital ministry. 

G I V E  your  MONEY!   &   S H A R E  your  FOOD!   &    F E E D  the  HUNGRY


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