20200524_Outdoor Worship Service May 24, 2020

This is our second outdoor service. We did have a major problem with the West Texas wind interfering with our audio. As the pastor, I am the video/audio technician and also responsible for all the websites, FB, Twitter, Instragram, as well as the church’s email. I’m working way above my pay level in these areas.Continue reading “20200524_Outdoor Worship Service May 24, 2020”

Outdoor worship Service Tomorrow at 9:30

For our outdoor worship services at 9:30 a.m. (under the shade trees): Chairs will be placed under the shade trees with a six-foot radius around each chair. You are encouraged to wear a mask/bandana during the service. The mask will protect other people, it doesn’t protect you. So love your neighbors, and wear a mask.Continue reading “Outdoor worship Service Tomorrow at 9:30”